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Simply put.. we are your specialised Health and Fitness Bargain Hunters!

Drop20 Deals aspires to help you find the best health and fitness deals by selecting quality health and fitness providers and negotiating the best deals for you!

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The Drop20 Deals site has been designed with one thing in mind... the perfect search experience for our users. With this we present an attractive, exciting, stress-free, and easy-to-navigate-through online marketplace that endeavours to continuously improve our users experiences as they search for a way to improve their lifestyles.


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Drop20 Deals is built on the principle of "happy living". We strongly believe happiness drives success, which is why we want to share our love of life and the state of happiness by advocating healthy happy living along with that great happy feeling we get when we know we saved some money! Now doesn't that just make you happy reading this? Think happy, do happy, be happy! Explore great deals with drop20 deals, experience the changes in your health and fitness, and enhance your life!


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