Evolve Yourself Institute

Evolve Yourself Institute (EYI)

Nurturing Lives Since 2015

Did you know, self-awareness is the number one skill you could acquire.

Our self-awareness education looks at the whole System of Self®. We incorporate the tools of mindfulness and meditation to support you use your inner technology; mind, body and emotions rather than them use you! 

Our innovative online platform delivers simple, practical education, tools and practices designed to help you create long lasting positive change in your life.


You will get: 30 days of content rich education, 7 guided meditations, Breath Technique, Mindfulness practices, and an understanding of the 5 key EYI Pillars; Meditation, Breath, Reflection, Movement and Education and access to the EYI specialists.

EYI has specialised programs accredited for professional development by the NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) and The Australian College of Nursing (ACN). We believe living a well and happy life is for EVERYONE.

Start today and create real, lasting positive change in your life.